A passionate Montessorian

A dedicated believer of the transformative power of Montessori-principle-based education for both adults and children

jzhang176 @NewMontessori Academy

Jiao Zhang

6 years ago, I found my passion in Montessori

5 years ago I equipped myself with Montessori knowledge and skills through an AMI training

4 years ago, I moved back to China, co-founded a philanthropic foundation for the mission of adapting Montessori education into mainstream in China.

1 year ago, I helped transform a traditional migrant children’s preschool into a Montessori school in Shanghai, China.

3 months ago, I launched a “New Montessori Academy” pilot classroom in a rural village town in Henan province, China, and have been directing remotely, since then.

Averting war is the work of politicians; establishing peace is the work of education.

Maria Montessori

Peace and Education – Maria Montessori

Tao Te Ching English translation


Build a Children-Driven Education System